Our Mission

Hope’s Organics is a health and wellness store and online distributor specialising in CBD/hemp-based products. We strive to provide hope to local communities everywhere by helping them find peace of mind, body, and soul through natural remedies.

Who We Are

Esteban Flores, the son of Hope Flores has always looked up to his mother his whole life. Hope dealt with insomnia, or lack of sleep, while raising her children, Esteban and Martel. Even taking the medications her doctor had prescribed her, she was still not able to get adequate rest.

As Esteban grew older, he saw the hardships his mother faced and started investing time into figuring out a solution for her lack of sleep–that’s when he stumbled across the all-natural benefits of the Cannabis plant and how the Cannabinoids found within the plant could potentially benefit his mother.

Hope had her reservations about CBD due to its association with the marijuana plant and cannabis; however, Esteban ordered a CBD sleep-aid and made her try it, and seeing how it gave her back some well-deserved, good nights’ rest, he was sparked by idea. 

Hope’s Organics was founded in the fall of 2019 in the small, Midwest town of Bedford, Indiana where Esteban opened up the first Hope’s Organics retail location.

Hope's Standard

Due to the cannabis market in the US having inconsistent and incomplete regulations, it can be difficult for cannabis consumers and patients, especially in states where only hemp derived products are legal, to find high quality, pure and reliable products suited to their specific needs based on reliable information. To help everyone in the Hope’s family navigate this issue, our team uses a series of qualifications we call Hope’s Standard, to give a product our Seal of Approval.

How does a product receive Hope’s Seal of Approval?

For quality assurance, our Cannabis Consultants sample products to assess their ‘ease of use’, flavor, texture, and consistency to ensure they are suited to the tastes of our patrons. We seek out products which can be brought to users at a fair price, and ensure these qualities are uniform in the product batch-to-batch.

When it comes to purity, Hope’s Standard looks for products which do not contain impurities and ingredients which may compromise the well being of users. We seek products free of heavy metals, pesticides, microbial contamination, and mycotoxins (hazardous compounds produced by fungus).

To assure the purity of our products, we seek products from manufacturers who are reliable and transparent. Manufacturers need to be clear about the sourcing of their products. All products should also include QR codes or other means to present lab results tested by a 3rd party (independent from the manufacturer with no conflict of interest), which present test results for impurities, accurate cannabinoid content, and terpene profiles.

If a product is able to match Hope’s Standard, then it receives our seal of approval. We do this to set ourselves apart from many other vendors and form good relationships with our family members and other organizations who share our values. Hopefully, together, we can make this the standard for all cannabis products nationwide.