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Mellow Fellow Picasso's Euphoria Blend Green Crack (HHC/Delta-8/THC-O/CBG/THC-P) (2G)

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Oozing with the aroma of exotic mangoes, stress-killing, uplifting, the highest-grade distilled cannabis oils the market. Mellow Fellow’s NEW Picasso's Euphoria Blend was specifically formulated to make you feel healthy and awesome.

Produced by Mellow Fellow PhD chemists and pharmacists, carefully-crafted with optimal ratios of cannabinoids and terpenes to help you balance your endocannabinoid system and find your bliss. Take one or two puffs and return to a place that is filled with joy and peace. A very happy blend of HHC, Delta-8,  THCO, CBG, THCp, and Cannabis-Derived Green Crack Terpenes to come and save your day.